The Project

The British Academy - Royal Historical Society Joint Committee on Anglo-Saxon Charters was formed in 1966. The committee's primary objective is to organise the preparation of a new edition of the corpus of Anglo-Saxon charters, and to bring it to completion. 

The Chairman is Professor Nicholas Vincent, FBA.

The Hon. Secretary is Dr David Woodman.

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Each volume in the series provides an edition, with detailed assessment and commentary, of all of the charters (royal diplomas, private charters, vernacular wills, writs, etc.) which have been preserved from the archives of a particular religious house (Abbotsbury, Abingdon, etc.). The volumes are published for the British Academy by the Oxford University Press. Fourteen volumes have been published so far; five more are currently at press, and several others are in advanced stages of preparation. When complete, the series will comprise between 35 and 40 volumes.


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