About the Single Sheet Database

The 'Single Sheet Database' comprise images of both sides (face and dorse) of the great majority of those charters (about 300 in number) which have chanced to survive in their 'original' single-sheet form. Users will find that (in a relatively small number of cases) images are 'missing'. In some cases, the project already has the files, but for whatever reason the files were not loaded into the database; in other cases, the project has not yet been able to get digital images of the charters in question. A working list of the 'missing' images is available here <.pdf file>; please advise the webmaster of any others. Published facsimiles of all single-sheet charters are available in the the series known as BMFacs., OSFacs, and BAFacs (see side menu).

By default, the database displays in the numbered order of the 'Classified List'. If you wish to see images of a particular charter (extant in single-sheet form), simply enter the Sawyer-number in the box. Should you wish to see the charters of a particular king, or period, or kind, following the classification, you may use the 'facet boxes' to the right of the database. A number of 'facet ranges' can be selected simultaneously, and the results can then be ordered, by e.g. grantor or Sawyer number, by using the 'sorted by' links at the top of the page. It is possible to revert to the default setting by clicking on 'Reset all Filters' to the top left.

Each entry in the database has an 'eSawyer' link, which will connect to the relevant entry in the Electronic Sawyer. 

Please note that the copyright in these images lies with the libraries, archives, record offices, and other forms of collection where the charters in question are held. The images on this website are provided for research and study purposes only. Should images be wanted for use in any publication, a file at higher resolution, and the requisite permission, should be obtained from the relevant bodies.

In order to access the Single Sheet Database, it is necessary to log in to the Kemble website. It is possible to request an account via the option in the log in box on the left of this page.

Technical note. This interactive database was built by Emma Connolly using MIT's SIMILE Exhibit, an open source tool intended to enable the access, management, visualisation and reuse of digital assets. SIMILE is a joint project conducted by the MIT Libraries and MIT CSAIL.